Wednesday, June 07, 2006

NMHS blog is LIVE!!!

We would like to introduce the National Medical Halacha Society's official blog. The blog will serve to educate and initiate discussions on medical halacha topics. It will also serve as our temporary website for general announcements, info, networking and content until a full and separate website is developed.

#1 This is NOT a personal blog where only ONE person posts. We need EVERYONE to submit posts and comments to the blog. Relevant posts include short medical halacha essays, interesting news articles/links, presentation of medical/halachic dilemmas and questions, personal experiences and "networking" posts. Please send posts to The email should include the text of your post and your name (anonymous authors for sensitive posts will be accepted at the discretion of the blog administrators).

#2 I wrote a few posts that should serve as examples of different types of posts (and which I hope you will also enjoy reading).

#3 Please comment

#4 There is a poll in the side bar for naming the society please vote ONCE.

#5 Enjoy, post, comment, spread the word, and visit the website often.


At 7:03 PM, Anonymous josh werblowsky m.d. said...

hatzlacha raba.-IMPORTANT BLOG.
I am a clinical professor of psy chiatry living now in Jerusalem Israel.If I can be of assistance ,I will be happy to do so.


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