Sunday, June 04, 2006

Religion and Medicine Mix, Survey Indicates
More than 90 percent of the doctors said it is appropriate to discuss religious or spiritual issues with a patient. I assume that at one point or another, Jewish doctors will have to discuss a medical-halacha/ethics issue with a Jewish patient. During my OB/GYN rotation, I was present when a Jewish couple experiencing fertility problems (ovarian failure) inquired about egg donation. The Jewish attending physician referred them to some medical literature and options without any mention of the halachic implications. (who is the halachic mother? Jew vs. Gentile egg donor?) At the time, I was only vaguely familiar with the halachic literature on surrogacy and egg donation. Are Jewish patients responsive to halachic issues raised by their doctors? I imagine some view it as out of the physician's realm or as mussar? Has a similar episode happened to anyone as a medical student/resident?


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