Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shomer Shabbos Residency Positions

I am reposting re: shomer shabbos residency positions. Many seniors will begin interviews soon and I would like to solicit your feedback. Information from residents would be extremely helpful regarding their own hospital/program.

For those seeking shomer shabbos or shabbos friendly residency positions--wouldn't it be nice to have an up-to-date list of programs with a few details about what they offer? The immediate solution is simple: organize recent graduates experiences. If you are a recent graduate and would like to help in this effort, please send a list (word.doc) to Please include:
1. Your name and contact information. (Anonymity will be granted if requested)
2. Specialty (ie. radiology, medicine, orthopedics, etc.).
3. Name of hospital.
4. Contact person in the program (usually the program director) with contact information.
5. Any other information that you think is pertinent.
6. How you know about the program (interviewed there, on staff there, etc.).
7. Contact information for someone (or several people) who are currently training in the program or did train in the program.
Yasher Koach to Dr. Dan Eisenberg for his efforts regarding this issue.


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