Thursday, July 20, 2006

Collecting Halakhic Case Studies

From David Shabtai:

I am trying to collect "Patient Cases" that raise important halakhic questions. I am hoping that they will be useful in preparing and organizing various shiurim. I have looked around and could not find such a database and decided that perhaps it would be wise to start one.
If anybody has any such cases already written down and is willing to share or if anybody (or hopefully everybody!) is willing to write up some cases (actual, made up, or a combination of both) - I would be happy to collect them and start such a database. Perhaps the best way, is to write up actual cases and then add elements that make them more halakhically meaningful or challenging.
I am currently working on "end of life issues" (as per my last posts) but would like to collect cases dealing with any and all possible issues. I will hopefully organize such a list by topic and make it available on the web.

Please send cases to



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